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Application for visualization and presentations TradingView
TradingView app is a free multiplatform charting service and social network for traders and investors. It allows users to monitor price charts of hundreds of different assets, including cryptocurrencies, as well as share and discuss their ideas about markets. The application uses cutting-edge analysis technology and has many technical tools, allowing it to obtain accurate data from trading assets.

The platform offers an extensive customizable set of technical indicators, an important component of technical analysis that can provide traders with a much-needed degree of price predictability in volatile crypto markets.
What we can say about the TradingView app
Most TradingView tools are highly customizable - an example is Pine Script, the platform's own user-friendly scripting language that can be used to create new technical indicators from scratch.

This emphasis on customizability goes beyond indicators, as much of what you'll see on the platform - from the timeline and price alerts to the color of candles on the chart - can be tailored to the specific requirements of regular traders, seasoned professionals and everyone else.

One drawback here is that the available feature set depends on your subscription level. In addition to the somewhat limited free version, TradingView offers three types of monthly subscriptions ranging in price from $14.95 to $59.95, each with different types of benefits.
Charts that are easy to work with the TradingView app
Essentially, TradingView charts provide an overview of an asset's performance over a period of time: the default time scale ranges from five years to one second.
Users can see opening, high, low and closing (OHLC) data for each candle on the selected time scale, current bid and ask prices, as well as spread value, countdown to next chart update, among other data. Thoroughly traditional in terms of price charting services, it is the extensive and easily customizable set of tools that distinguishes the TradingView charting feature.
In TradingView there are many tools to analyze data and quotes in a real time
The far left set of tools includes the entire set of technical indicators that can be plotted on the chart, from the simplest trend lines to complex retracements and Fibonacci ratios. In addition to price prediction tools, this toolbar offers a variety of chart labeling options: icons, markers, etc. All of them can help individual users make more informed trading decisions for themselves or visualize their thoughts about the market to share with the TradingView community at large.
The top toolbar offers the ability to switch chart types (e.g. from candlestick to line) and various overlays. You can use the latter to compare the performance of a given asset with other assets or apply sophisticated indicator scripts, selecting them either from TradingView's default library or from a public library consisting of scripts from other users.

The bottom panel is designed for trading the selected asset. Users have the option to trade on paper - simulate real-time trades with hypothetical money to test strategies in real life, but without risk - or to trade directly through verified brokers verified by users. This panel also offers the possibility to test trading strategies on historical data.
Finally, the rightmost panel is the social network of the TradingView platform. Here you will find news related to the selected asset, asset hotlists, public and private chats, your personal watch list, other users' ideas and flows and much more.
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